2018 Scottish Staff Signup

Thank you for your interest in applying for a staff role at the 2018 Blair Atholl Jamborette. Prior to completing this form please refer to the Prospective Staff Information Booklet available HERE.

 To be eligible to attend the camp as a staff member you must:


·              be an active member of the Scout Association or Girlguiding with an adult appointment or in an Active Support Unit

·               be aged 18 years or older on the 14th July 2018

·              hold a Protection of Vulnerable Groups certificate gained through Scouting / Guiding

·              prior to the camp, have completed the training requirements specific to their role as outlined in the Staff Information booklet

All applications require the approval of both Scottish Scout Headquarters and the applicants Scouting / Girlguiding line manager.

Fields marked with an * are mandatory and the form will not be accepted by the system if they are left blank.


Please use this format : 0XXXXXXXXXX (11 Digits)
Please use this format : 0XXXXXXXXXX (11 Digits)

Scouting Information

Scouting Experience

Additional Information

Are you intending to bring other members of your family, aged 13 and under) with you to the camp?


Please provide a clear and accurate picture. No sunglasses or hats should be worn.

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Please provide a clear passport sized and accurate picture of your face to be used for an identification badge. No sunglasses or hats should be worn.


Preference for Main Area of Responsibility

Please select three preferences for your Main Area of Responsibility. It should be noted that the choices made and the additional information given will be used to allocate staff as required by the Jamborette Core Team so please give as much relevant information as possible.

First Choice

Second Choice

Third Choice



Please give details of Scout Activity Authorisations / Permits that you hold. (If appropriate, these will be checked prior to the camp)


Please give details of any Activity Qualification that you hold. (If appropriate, these will be checked prior to the camp)

Do you hold a MIDAS Minibus Driving Qualification?

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Work Experience

Health and Home Contact Information

Emergency Contact Details During The Event

Please use this format : 0XXXXXXXXXX (11 Digits)
Please use this format : 0XXXXXXXXXX (11 Digits)

Will contact be at the Jamborette?

Additional contact details required, enter below:

Medical / Allergy Details

These medical details will be sent directly to the Camp Doctor and will not be shared with anyone beyond the Camp Medical team

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Do you carry an Epipen/Anapen?

Have you ever required to use an Epipen/Anapen?

Do you have any additional needs that you feel it would be useful for the camp organisers to be aware of (e.g. Hearing Difficulties, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, autistic spectrum disorder or a similar condition etc) which would be helpful to consider when allocating camp duties?

Do you require any medical facilities during the camp eg storage of medication (cold or secure)?

Do you have any other information that you feel the medical staff require to know during the camp?

Food and Allergies Information

Any information given in this section will be treated in confidence and only viewed by the Catering Management and Medical Teams

Do you have any food allergies / requirements that the catering team should be aware of?

Special Dietary Requirements

Do you require any of the following diets?



Gluten Free

Do you suffer from any of the following conditions?

Coeliac disease

Lactose intolerance

Do you suffer from an allergy to any of the following?


Crustaceans (Crab, Prawns)









Sesame seed


Sulphur dioxide

Wheat/Cereals containing gluten

Home and Tent Hospitality Information

Home Hospitality

Are you able to offer Home Hospitality after the Jamborette?

Tent Hospitality

Can we contact you nearer the camp about providing tentage/ hosting an international member of staff?

Other Information

Other Information

Garment/Clothing Chest Size

Garment/Clothing Chest Size


By submitting this form:

All data supplied will be deleted no later than 2 years from the date of submission.

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